As photographers, we know how important it is to capture your most intimate moments. Therefore, we take great responsibility in providing you with quality and detailed photos for one of the most important days of your life. We have one common goal of creating memorable moments through the composition of our camera lens for special moments.

We have one common goal of creating memorable moments through the composition of our camera lens for special moments. We have traveled throughout the country as well as internationally to capture the heart of weddings, engagements and so much more from our unique viewpoints, with an eye toward beauty, honesty, and emotion of your true love story.

We are believers of love and we know in the company of great love, something happens beyond the obvious. It’s a distinctive language of isolating moments that speak to the majestic intentions that words cannot. These moments often go unseen but mean the most when looking back. Don't let those moments slip away; keep them close forever.

How did we meet?

Jonathan and Quadean met years ago on an cross country European trip with mutual friends from college. The first thing we both noticed were our Nikon cameras. This immediately created a friendship and some friendly competition as we journeyed across Europe for the next few weeks. 

As we toured from London to Italy, we were able to capture thousands of amazing photos of the countryside, historical monuments and most importantly our friends. It was a great time and sparked a partnership that has transpired into our dream that have the opportunity to see through our galleries. 

Below are a few of our favorite photos from our trip. 


Fast Forwarding, we are now two professional highly motivated photographers with one common goal of creating memorable moments for our clients.

 Our compositions are very diverse with a dynamic setting but yet,  a tranquil undertone. We believe this is why our most requested pictures are candids. We love life, and we love capturing those genuine spontaneous moments of unrestrained laughter, joy and peacefulness.

We know how important your photographs are. And we know how important it is to gel with your photographer. Hence, it is important to do it right. We are here to guide you through the process and we love getting to know people, what’s important to them, etc. Your story helps us to incorporate your personalities into your event and make your images unique to you.

We feel truly blessed to be creating lifetime memories for our clients!


A husband and father of 3 beautiful girls, Jonathan has always had passion for photography and capturing heart felt moments between couples and families. Based in MD/DC/VA area, Jonathan is ready to capture those special moments and memories for you.


A husband and father of  2, Quadean  has been in love with photography since he purchased his first DSLR in 2003.  Based in NC, Quadean is ready to provide his unique viewpoint through the composition of his lens for your special moments.