Traona Flirty Thirty: 30 Birthday Photography

Never ask a lady her age, they said.  Who is “they” and why do “they” seem to determine the questions for age and weight for women.  My wife has now started to ask me questions like “How old do I look if I wear this”, “Does this make me look heavy or fat”?  I am one to avoid this devious trap and stick to my go to line…. “I think you look beautiful, but if you want an honest answer, you look about 26 and I like when you wear that, it makes me smile”.  It seems to work about 90% of the time, though if she reads this, I’ll have to come clean.  You see, I say that to say that Traona was unique, she was the first woman I had met that was beyond excited to capture her 30 year old milestone. 

Traona herself has such a bubbly personality that’s its hard to take her seriously at times, she exudes the energy you wish to have.  Prior to the shoot, Traona expressed that she wanted to feel like a celebrity, embodying the likeness of her favorite pop star Rihanna.  We used the scope of Downtown Greensboro and the Proximity Hotel to fulfill her photography dreams.  Our favorite photos of her were classically poised at the Proximity, where she held the confidence of someone you had to meet.  We were also able to do fun and flirty portrait shots, colorful and bright with all smiles at the local bakery, Maxie B’s.  Traona proved that accepting a milestone birthday isn’t about where you are or what you have, it’s about how you feel, accepting the feeling and embracing that getting older actually feels good.  Though I honestly must admit that Traona doesn’t look a day over 25.