Have more? Just ask!


Do You Travel?

Yes of course, we travel a lot for work and for pleasure! For those taking their love on the run we do have a collection to accommodate that with travel included. For travel from Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and North Carolina all depends on times and locations. 

Can We Meet?

Yes of course! It's our goal to meet all our clients or skype if possible! We also have questionnaires we send out and like to go over before each session or wedding. If you’d like to meet up and discuss your needs before that just ask, we would love to meet up or have you over to talk over some coffee or a beer!

What Payment Do You Take?

We accept credit cards, debit, and cash in-person or through our online payment system. We do not accept checks at this time. A non-refundable retainer fee 30% of the select package is due in order to reserve our services for wedding day. The remaining amount of your selected package will be due 30 days prior to your wedding day.  

How Many Photos Do We Get?

We believe in quality over quantity and telling your story honestly and according to how your day went. So naturally this number changes with each family, wedding, and elopement.


How Long Until We Receive Our Photos?

This all depends on my workload and the season, in the off season you can expect photos in 5-6 weeks, in peak season it can take 8-12.

Do You Have Back Ups?

Back ups for dayssss! We have backup equipment, backup drives, back up photographers, backup everything!!! We also have insurance if you are curious about that, if your venue requires proof just let us know!

How Much Time Do We Need For Photos On Our Wedding Day?

We always suggest setting aside at least 2 hours before your ceremony for portraits; in addition to, 1 hour after the ceremony.  We will pull you aside throughout the day for some quickies here and there but to get a good amount of portraits you will need to set aside some time.

When Should We Book?

As soon as you have your location and date! We only take on 20 weddings a year with a majority of them being in May-November. We have this number to ensure our couples get the best personal experience possible and can receive their photos in a timely manner. Most couples book us 9-24 months in advance. Elopements and lifestyle sessions usually book 2-6 months in advance and we only take on 2-4 of those a month depending on the season!