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Wedding Pricing

Our comprehensive package is $3750

Planned, captured & retouched.

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Included Coverage


Our Included Coverage is generous and comprehensive. Coverage includes Bridal & Groom Preparation, Ceremony and everything else up until 11:00pm at your Reception. We do not impose any start-time or total-time limitations, meaning our plans are as flexible as your plans.


The only coverage choices most will need to make is whether to include Extended Reception should you require coverage beyond 11:00pm ($200 per half-hour). All Additional Coverage options are listed below.

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Additional Coverage

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Your wedding and memories should extend well beyond your wedding day and last with you throughout your life. And these best of memories deserve to be more than part of an endless series of files on your computer or phone. They deserve to stand out, to be touched and embraced, on the finest paper, with the finest ink. It is your new family’s first heirloom investment for which there is no compromise for second choice.

Your Wedding Album is the best album available anywhere in the world. From the quality of the leather, to the build construction of the binding, to the paper and ink used to hold the memories, exactly as you remember them, without fading.

Your photos are Giclée prints on the best museum grade fine art paper, which meets the photograph printing requirements and specifications for international museums like the Smithsonian. They offer phenomenal tonal range and gradient spread with non-reflective protected matte pages that have an amazing texture. And with a lifetime construction warranty from the album company, you really are getting an heirloom designed to be passed to your children and grandchildren. It truly is the one part of your wedding that will not succumb to technologies ever changing formats.

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Payment Schedule


Our payment schedule is comprised of 2 payments.  Your deposit of 30% which is due on booking and your final payment of the remaining balance which is due 1 month before your wedding date.

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We bring it!

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Going the distance

We’re based in Maryland and North Carolina but love traveling and destination weddings.

We also get a real kick from shooting weddings in exotic spots interstate and around the world. For further flung destinations enquire about our thrifty travel approach, optimized to keep travel costs low and bring us to your unique day.


Show me the numbers

Based on our Comprehensive Coverage, some averages…




9+ hours

on the wedding day




75± hours

behind the scenes:
planning, sorting & retouching





beautiful images:
printed, on usb & online